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Escuela del Mundo_GRATITUDE is dedicated to our many friends, donors and volunteers who make Escuela del Mundo, AC a truly special and successful community project for children in and around San Pancho. On behalf of all the students and families, a million THANKS and hugs to all of you !!!

Escuela del Mundo, A.C. is a non-profit, parent cooperative that operates a kindergarten and elementary school dedicated to an interdisciplinary, wholistic approach to learning combining the Montessori Method with a unique program of universal studies such as yoga, meditation, music, environmentalism and the arts. To find out more about Escuela del Mundo A.C. and our programs , contact us at 311-258-4441 / escueladelmundo@yahoo.com.mx (san francisco, nayarit).

We're BACK! -- and NOW on YouTube

We're BACK - its been too long since we've paid attention to this blog. Our apologies, but its definitely NOT because we haven't been around and busy. We promise that week by week, we'll be posting newsletters that were missed on this blog in the past and new stuff. To start - check us out on YOUTUBE - thanks to one of our creative families (gracias Darrin and Paulina from Mango Tree Project)! This is a beautiful video of the school, students and important words from founder and director. Enjoy!


Wishes for the Holiday Season - a celebration at EdM

From all of the children and their families at
the Escuela del Mundo, we wish all of you a
beautiful holiday season and a year 2009 filled with joy and peace!

Join us in Celebrating the Season of Best Wishes at our Holiday School Gathering. There will be a musical presentation by the students, warm tamales and best of all the exciting HOLIDAY GIFT RAFFLE. This year we will have an amazing mix of prizes, one being an envelope of $1000 pesos cash, California Wine from Napa Valley, Dinners & Breakfast from local restaurants, a $250 pesos shopping spree at El Indio in San Pancho, plus so much more! The gathering will take place at the school on Friday, December 19th at 12PM. We still welcome donations of Gifts to Raffle and/or any donations of materials or funds you'd like to make directly to Escuela del Mundo!

Miguel Ruiz in San Pancho (October 2008)

All of us at the Escuela del Mundo want to thank all of you who shared the special afternoon with us and Don Miguel Ruiz in October. The gathering was truly magical - lanterns, flowers, copal and candles burning, union of the community, and the blessing of Don Miguel´s inspiring words in our school garden, among our children and friends, and community!
Gracias a todos ustedes les damos en la Escuela del Mundo por su presencia en el evento de Don Miguel. Esa tarde inspiradora nos ayudó a unirnos como comunidad con la visión común de crear una plataforma para que nuestros niños crezcan y aprendan.

This inspirational afternoon assisted us in coming together as a community with a shared vision of creating a platform for our children to grow and learn. Your collective generosity assisted us in raising $12,000 pesos, which increases the ability to create educational opportunities for our children. The event planted the first seed for our Student Sponsorship Fund, which will support new local students.

Su generosidad colectiva nos ayudó a recaudar $12,000 pesos, lo cual aumenta las posibilidades de crear oportunidades educativas para nuestros hijos. El evento plantó la primera semilla para nuestro Fondo de Patrocinios para apoyar nuevos alumnos del pueblo.

Escuela Del Mundo's vision is to build a strong learning foundation that targets the full potential of each child. We need to unite as a community in order to provide the resources necessary to support this vision of wholeness.

Special acknowledgements to friends of the school -
Lee and Mee McCormick, Gina and Lalo Portillo - for making this remarkable event happen at Escuela del Mundo.

Reconocimiento especial para los amigos de la escuela - Lee y Mee McCormich, Gina y Lalo Portillo - este evento no fue posible sin sus apoyo y vision.

Join our project and be part of our extended family...

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www.paypal.com (to escueladelmundo@yahoo.com.mx)

Escuela Del Mundo is a Montessori based school with an emphasis on community and humanitarian values. We offer an innovative experience to learning while stimulating both the child's academic, artistic and social development.

La visión de la Escuela del Mundo es construir fundamentos educativos sólidos que refuercen el potencial pleno de daca niño. Necesitamos unir esfuerzos como comunidad para proveer los recursos necesarios para concretar esta visión de totalidad. La Escuela del Mundo está basada en la filosofía Montessori con un énfasis en los valores humanos y comunitarios. Ofrecemos una experiencia innovadora de aprendizaje que estimula tanto del desarrollo académico, artístico y social de los niños

para donar o voluntar contactarnos al correo: escueladelmundo@yahoo.com.mx

Final Presentation_DUENDES y reciclHADAS

The Escuela del Mundo in San Pancho is proud to invite you to our annual end-of-year event

In 2008, "Duendes y ReciclHADAS" celebrates the culmination of the school year, combining formal education, arte, environmental studies and the development of each student. (the show is inspired by "fairies, recycling, and the appreciation of Life")

4 de Julio, 2008 (Friday, 6PM)
in the Escuela del Mundo

La Escuela del Mundo A.C. de San Pancho tiene el honor de anunciar su próximo evento DUENDES Y RECICLHADAS que se presentará el 4 de Julio, 2008 Viernes a las 6:00 PM en la Escuela del Mundo.

Este evento celebrará la culminación del ciclo escolar 2007-08, con la integración
de la educación formal, el arte, estudios ambientales y el desarrollo personal de cada uno de nuestros estudiantes. ( el "Duendes .." este inspirada por el arte, reciclaje y amor por la vida)

Peg & Nicole & Sammi - "everyday" we are grateful !

Escuela del Mundo has many people to thank and each day we find more reasons to be grateful . Here we want to express our gratitude to Peg Shepherd, Nicole Swedlow and Sammi & Louie Croce for their gifts that make EACH DAY at the school just so much better :)

At the start of the year (August 2007) , Peg Shepherd donated funds for our "area civica" (civic floor area) where school/civic activities take place. Each morning, all of our alumnos gather to start the day in harmony, calm nerves after the morning rush to school, and prepare both teachers and students for the day!

Peg, we love our beautiful brick flooring at the entrance of the school_it has become a special greeting and gathering place. THANK YOU !

Nicole Swedlow, parent of two alumnos at Escuela del Mundo , has been incredibly giving with helping us equip our elementary classroom with a computer, ready for internet use _the technology has enhanced investigation for our elementary age students, as well as encourage them to understand how technology is vital in their education. In more ways than one, you have been one of our dearest supporters! GRACIAS Nicole & EntreAmigos :) ** Also, we don't want to forget our amazing Tech Expert and parent , Gaston Duardo, who installed the system during the spring break, surprising teachers and students who returned to classes with a new learning material!

Recently, Escuela del Mundo's office staff received the incredible donation of a new fax machine from our friends, Sammi and Louie Croce (also sponsors of two elementary age students). Our Administrative staff, Regina Portilla, is thrilled ! Sammi and Louie have also given much more in time and gifts at our Fundraising events. We thank you for all you do for our children, and our hardworking staff !

GRACIAS BOB & GLORIA FARMER ! for our new bathrooms

Parents of Esmeralda (Casa de Ninos), Bob & Gloria Farmer received our humble thanks in April at one of the school's Friday Presentations -- the Farmer family donated labor, materials and so much more to give the school THREE NEW BATHROOMS this year.

the new bathrooms came with new sinks (even a good place to hang our towels)
in just the right height to fit all the student's needs !

it's one of the new favorite places for the young students who love to use their new sink
to wash hands -- here they line up to brush their teeth after meal time :)

not only to meet a State department requirements, these three new bathrooms helped address a serious need in our facilities and lifted the spirits of the children (and staff!)
who appreciate the new improvement!

CON MUCHO AMOR ___________de nuestro corazon,
Gracias a la familia Farmer!

Douglas Fir - Training on "Effective Meetings"

to our Advisory Board Member, Douglas Fir, a long-time resident of San Pancho,
who generously shared his skills and expertise at a training on "Effective Meetings"
with our school staff and board members this month

His knowledge and approach was not only highly informative but in line with our goals of collective participation, consensus and effective strategies for preserving integrity and positive outcomes. We look forward to future trainings and good practical advice as we look forward to another successful school year at Escuela del Mundo ! (April 2008)